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  • The Fetch

    Calder, like every Fetch, had only one name, but he had two ages: his Earth Years numbered nineteen and his Death Years numbered three hundred and thirty. Though it was no excuse for what he would do, for a Fetch, Calder was young. The Order of the Fetch, on the other hand, was old--it began when the ruins of the first garden could still be found hiding in the desert beside a river, a blanket of green having grown over her like a shroud, and, in this moist cave that was once Eden, at the heart of her darkness, the Tree of Knowledge bowed to the earth.

    #5 in the top ten 2009 Children's Indy Next List:

    "When Calder, a ghostly minister of death, falls in love with a mortal, neither things on earth nor things in the spiritual realm will ever be the same! Readers will be enthralled by this unique combination of supernatural thrills, historical fiction, and sweeping romance as Whitcomb crafts a novel that is singular and enchanting."

    Praise for The Fetch:

    Booklist, starred review

    Fascinating . . . exquisitely imagined.

    Publishers Weekly

    Ambitious fantasy . . . riveting.

    Shelf Awareness



    Fresh and engaging.


    Part historical fiction, part paranormal/​fantasy, and part love story . . . beautifully written.

    Reading Rants

    The Fetch is one of those rare books that took me completely by surprise. An inspired combination of history, religion and the supernatural . . . pushes at the boundaries of teen literature, nudging the field in a startling new direction . . . gorgeous descriptions of the afterlife are comforting and original, and my heart lifted as almost never before when I read the final few pages . . . this strange bird of a novel is quite a start to the 2009 year in YA lit.

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